Airshow Photos
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Little Rock, AR 2005
East Coast Demo Team
Jim "Torc" Tobul & Jim "Cookie" Crum talking before the flight
Airbone drop from Ft. Bragg, NC
Looks good!
Looks even better!!
Working hard on next flight
Got smoke!!
Hard at work
Little Rock AFB from the air
My main man Eddie!
Jacksonville, FL 2005
East Coast Demo Team
Stuart, FL 2005
West Coast Demo Team
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Having a nice evening with everyone.
We get along with everyone, even the F-16 demo pilot (in the back on the right)!!
That's from the back.  What do think I see in the front??
Another great shot over Jacksonville with Tids.
Nice shot over the water at Navy JAX flying with Kerry "Tids" Tidmore.
Having a tough airshow season at the beach!!   The BOQ billeting was beach front.
Look at the back ground.  We are parked in front of the Navy ships at Mayport NS.  How cool is that!!!

Flying around Stuart with some friends.
All four of these demo pilot's are flying there last demo flight here at Stuart. 
The airshow recognized all four demo pilot's with a cake on the last day of the airshow during the brief.
Sean "Slice" Hook cuts the cake.
Eddie's thinking about all the work he has to do on the SNJ in the morning!!
Scott, Jim & Cary talking about the days events.
Scott and I with one of the airshow organizers.
Are those some great smiles 'er what!! 
I really enjoyed flying with you Sean.  Over the years we flew together a fair amount and I just want to say "Your a Good Stick"!!

I wish you the best of luck and blue skies!!!   
One of our passes overhead.
Slice being congratulated from some of his guys.
On the last day of the airshow, all of the demo pilot's were sprayed with foam from the fire trucks on the field to acknowledge the end of their demo career.  It was an emotional time for all of the pilot's.   Below are some pictures of Sean "Slice" Hook when he landed after his last Texan ll demo flight on Sunday.  Thought they would use water, but they used foam.  I guess is was a way for the pilot's to always remember this day.  Sean has decided to take a job with an airline company and will be leaving the Air Force in a couple of months.
I did the same.
I will miss flying with him.
Can you see yourself here!!!